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Beauty & The Bee Cosmetics™ is all about promoting and sustaining natural beauty. We create All natural, hand crafted and made-to-order cosmetics to help boost and bring out that beauty within. That beauty that only Th Most High is capable of and responsible for creating.

Our flaws and imperfections are what truly make us who we are, and we should not have to hide behind a false image of “Beauty” that is outside of our True Selves to be accepted by the likes of others. Instead, we encourage All to embrace those flaws, and simply work to restore em’.

Our products are crafted from natural ingredients (our favorite being honey from the Almighty Honey Bee) and range from creamy mud masks and exfoliates to brow gels and serums to aid in helping Yah become a better…You. No one else. Besides,

“Yah Can’t Be Beautiful Without Bee-N-U!”

Th form of their face shall be turned into Th light of their beauty, that they may be able to acquire and receive Th WORLD WHICH DOES NOT DIE, which is then PROMISED to THEM.
BARUCH SHENIY (2 Baruch) 51:3

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